I'm Willie Horton. Originally from Ireland - I lived and worked there until 2002 - I live in the French Alps with my wife Lisa... experiencing a life in flow. I'm an accountant, tax consultant and banker but please don't hold any of these things against me!... they enabled me understand ordinary everyday business and life. And, that understanding - I practiced tax with KPMG and PwC and held senior leadership positions in insurance and banking - coupled with my understanding of modern psychology is what makes my work so appealling and practical to my many clients.

I've been working for myself - as a consulting business psychologist - since 1996, helping business owners and leaders and their teams get their head around the practicalities of mindfulness. They develop purposeful mindfulness - the presence of mind to know what's going on and what's best to do, the presence that's the hallmark of great leaders - allied to a deep understanding of their goals to the extent that they simplly expect to achieve their goals... and psychology tells us that our expectations influence absolutely everything.

MYpsyberCoach™ is the final piece in a jigsaw of products and services that includes the psyberCoach platform - designed with my clients in mind... to enable them be mindful when it matters: right here and now, wherever right here and now happens to be. Hope MYpsyberCoach™ helps you on your journey towards the life you'd really like to have - starting now.

Willie Horton

Willie Horton FCCA AITI MMII BSc(Hons) Psychology MBPs | 201 route du Tampieu, 74700 Sallanches, France | N°. SIRET 48215791400029 - N°. FPC: 84740319674




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